PrettyCare Knee Brace Support ( Professional Protection )
Adjustable Open Patella Braces Protector & Knee Cap Band Stabilizer For Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, Basketball, Exercise ( 15" to 19" )

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  • ★Professional Quality: PrettyCare uses a soft material to coat the inside, helping to reduce sweat and increase enjoyment. A durable exterior material improves durability and is resistant to pilling.

  • ★Professional Relief: The PrettyCare knee brace uses an eva cushioning gasket, protecting the patella over 360 degrees. It assists the knee to reduce pressure and strain during activity, avoiding displacement of patella due to inappropriate stress.

  • ★Professional Fit: Four 4-way spring acts as a stabilizer and shock absorber for your knee joint and supports the ACL, LCL and PCL ligaments and the patella. 6 adjustable straps and a buckle prevent slipping without hurting flexibility.

  • ★Professional Adjustable: In addition to the original two straps, we added double cross straps to protect the cruciate ligament and reduce the chance of injury. This greatly helps protect against stretching of the cruciate ligament and knee joint injuries.

  • ★Professional Serging Tech: Smooth edges and firm joints prevents knee discomfort, soreness, and fatigue during sports. Finally you can enjoy ultimate protection and comfort while serging tech gives the brace a long and helpful life.


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