PrettyCare Ankle Support ( New Design - Double Side Cushioning Pad )
Breathable Ankle Brace Stablizer with Adjustable Straps for Sport Protection and Pain Relief for Running, Basketball for Men, Women

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  • Prominent Design: A unique cushioning pad provides even external pressure to strengthen the stabilizing quality of the brace and further reduce the chances of a sprain. This can improve your performance in many sports.

  • Prominent Quality : The brace uses elastic fabrics to provide better protection. The inside has a soft, permeable material to promote airflow and reduce sweat, while the external material is durable and resistant to pilling.

  • Prominent Protection: The elastic bandage provides consistent moderate pressure to the ankle to provide protection and healing compression. It softly wraps around the ankle to prevent displacement, promote circulation, and relieve pain.

  • Prominent Fit: The brace fits all different feet, and is adjustable so you can use the right amount of compression for your needs. Perfect for Basketball, Volleyball, badminton, running and fitness activity.


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Product is very good, it is worth buying!Product is very good, it is worth buying!Product is very good, it is worth buying!

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