Derma roller needle with 540 Micro Titanium needle
( CE Certificated By PrettyCare ) Facial Skin Care Beauty Massage Tools for Home Use - 0.25mm

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  • ★Material: Prettycare dermaroller needles with 540 medical grade alloy needles, solid and can effectively reduce the stimulation of the skin.Needle and roller perfect combination doesn’t leave the gap, to avoid the use of residual residue, easy to use the second.

  • ★Repair &Whitening: Prettycare dermaroller needles can effectively stimulate the skin quickly repair, to reduce facial wrinkles and whitening freckle effect.

  • ★Good absorption effect: In the use of anti-aging, remove scar, pregnancy cream, whitening cream and other beauty products, greatly improving the absorption of beauty products.

  • ★Easy to use: Before use, please use 75% alcohol to soak for 10-15 minutes for disinfection and air drying, clean the face with a facial cleanser and wipe it clean and use it.

  • ★Easy to place: Micro-needle roller after use, clean, can be placed in a dedicated storage box, to avoid the needle collision bending, effectively improve the service life, while refined compact storage box allows you to travel while easy to carry.


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These are very nice, actually nicer than my Bucky mask (which I paid more for the single mask than a set of two of these) because they have a soft silky interior. They came with memory foam earplugs and a drawstring bag. When I travel I am NEVER without a sleep mask and earplugs because you never know when you will need to grab a little shut-eye. The 3D design keeps the mask from pressing against my eyes and bending my eyelashes; I like how these feel more than the type that lays flat against my eyes.I prefer the black one but the blue kind of reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's famous sleep mask in Breakfast at Tiffanys. I just need to decorate it with eyelashes and maybe some gold rickrack. 💕I like this set, I usually carry two just in case whoever I am with doesn't have one and they take up hardly any room in my bag. These masks are my favorite out of ANY I have tried before. They feel amazing on.Product privided at a discount or free for honest review.

Product is very good, it is worth buying!Product is very good, it is worth buying!Product is very good, it is worth buying!

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